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Recognise violence

Violence against women: how it manifests
Violence does not only involve fists, it also takes other forms that are more difficult to recognise but which are equally dangerous for you: psychological and financial violence.

Try to answer these simple questions in both boxes:

A man who is close to you, one you trust, your partner or your “ex” boyfriend, partner or husband:

  • Offends and humiliates you verbally, convincing you that you are not worth anything
  • Accuses you of being an incompetent mother?
  • Focuses on your weak points and continuously attempts to make you feel inadequate?
  • Checks your phone calls, your movements, whom you meet?
  • Prevents you from meeting your family members, cultivating friendships and your interests?
  • Prevents you from working?
  • Threatens and scares you?
  • Wants to make you depend on him economically?
  • Demands sexual relations when you are not willing?
  • Blackmails you to obtain what he wants?


This list does not claim to be exhaustive but if you have answered ‘yes’ to more than one of these questions, and you recognise one or more symptoms, you are living an experience at risk and perhaps you are being subjected to a violent and potentially dangerous relationship.

You are not alone. The law defends and protects you.