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The real challenge is to prevent

Every form of male violence against women, where femicide represents extreme manifestation, is something that affects the entire community, institutions and each of our hearts.

This is primarily a cultural and social issue, which must be tackled from a preventative point of view, focussing on the contrast, protection and support of victims.

Precisely for this reason, first of all, I would like to reiterate my personal commitment to invest with increasing incisiveness in policies on equal opportunities, to encourage the spread of a model that ensures the enhancement of the female figure in all its forms and aspirations

The real challenge we want to face is to prevent, but also to encourage the emergence of all forms of violence against women within the family, the workplace or in the social context.

To offer protection and support in the process of removal and detachment from situations of violence, the Lombardy Region took on the role of coordinator of all the actors active in the territory: Municipalities, Law Enforcement, First Aid Units, Anti-Violence Centres and Shelters.

The "Non sei da sola" website allows you to understand and have access to all the free services for all users, and to make contact in case of need. The help networks present in the territory represent excellence and a safe harbour, where to find professionalism and availability and where to have concrete support in any difficult situation.

Silvia Piani

Councillor for Family Policies, Parenting and Equal Opportunities