Vice-President Sala: "ANCI Lombardy goes EU and the other way around"

ANCI Lombardy (National Association of Italian Municipalities) opened officially on 30 October its premises in Brussels within Casa della Lombardia at the Delegation of the Lombardy Region to the EU.

This move seeks to strengthen local authorities and consolidate networks in Europe with the aim of succeeding in attracting EU funds for the territories.

“We want to support all municipalities bringing the EU to the territories and the other way around”, said the Vice-President of Lombardy Region Fabrizio Sala, who opened the event.

“This is the best way to make synergies and provide a concrete help to citizens’ life, he added,

Thanks to the SEAV project, promoted and financed by ANCI Lombardia, 12 new EU officies will be opened in all 12 Lombard provinces, in order to network and attract EU funds in a more coordinated way.

At the event took part also the member of cabinet of Commissioner Cretu, Jan Mikołaj Dzięciołowski, who welcomed the initiative.

Previously, the Lombard Delegation was received by the Italian Permanent representative to the EU, Maurizio Massari.